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Seminars at La Maison de Claude

A different space...
Encountering each other differently
Taking a step back
Strengthening bonds


Workshops and intervisions

La maison de Claude is ideal for organising small workshops for up to 12 people.


Featuring plenty of distinct indoor and outdoor spaces, it is ideal for working in sub-groups.


Facilities include flipchart, beamer, wifi, mobile office and printer.

Meals can be delivered on request.

Working sessions outside the box

Do you need time to step back with your teams? A change of space brings a different energy and makes us more available than in the usual meeting room.


La maison de Claude is the perfect place to spend a day in the green, in an atypical and welcoming setting, while remaining professional at the same time.


A change of atmosphere to strengthen ties.

Meals can be delivered on request.


Need special facilitation? or tools to make the day easier and help you get the most out of it? I can help you, it's what I do! 

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  • +61 (0)468 938 884 WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal


  • House: Beuchemaitin 5, 2605 Sonceboz, Switzerland

  • Admin: PO Box 20496, Nimbin 2480 NSW, Australia

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